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Aloha! I am Angelique and I am an Intuitive Healer, Transformational Guide and the owner of Soul Shift, a Spiritual Holistic Treatment Sanctuary.  

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I have been doing energy healing work since the early 2000's.  When I started,  it was out of interest and I myself went for healing and started experiencing the incredible benefits of healing. There were and still are great changes taking place in  my life, it is only getting better and I am becoming happier and lighter each day!

I am truly passionate about the work that I do and I get more inspired each time I my clients come for their session and we see how their lives transform, health,  wealth, outlook, relationship with self and others,  and begin to live a life of happiness, ease, joy, grace and possibilities

My dream and passion is to help heal people and animals to achieve their highest purpose in life.

I work with Source and the Angels who guide me in the healing  with clients.  A Divine Team indeed!

 Your healing is a commitment to you!  Coming for a once off session  and thinking that all will be healed is superficial and unrealistic.  Your healing is a dedication for you to you and requires a lifetime of commitment,  care, healing and Divine guidance to shift your old stories and limitations so that you can experience a life of happiness, joy, ease, contentment and new possibilities. What will it take for you to change those feelings and situations that are keeping you stuck?  What will it take for your life to change?  What are you doing about it? 

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