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Remote Healing and Clearings

Feeling much better - thank you Angie. Much, much calmer :) thank you!
January 2020
Remote Healing Cape Town
Thank you so much Angie!  I woke up this morning feeling so much lighter than I have for a long while 
March 2020
Remote Healing London
I have experienced a remarkable session with Angelique who is a gifted and most intuitive healer! I received so many confirmations, insights and valuable guidance to assist me through this time.  I highly recommend Angelique for a reading and a healing session. 
February 12 2020
LaVerne Hyman

Remote Healing Johannesburg
Angelique is not only an amazing healer, but an incredible listener, and a wonderful confidant and clairvoyant! She has an amazing gift to share and you can feel in her energy that her mission is to help everyone out there to get closer to themselves with the help of our Angels.  I have been seeing her personally, she has done space clearings for my business and homes for the last 10 years.  

Whether she does it one on one or remotely, I feel the magic every time, it is evident each time she clears a space for me.  

March 02 2020
Candice Donadel
Remote Healings and Clearings Cape Town
My favourite treatment of all time, has to be Access Bars.  It helps to quieten my busy mind, and the clearing statements are so powerful, I have been able to witness many wishes come true for me. I people become more soulful, aware and present in our everyday lives. 
January 2020

Bars Access Consciousness 
Thank you Angel Angelique the readings were beautiful!  I feel very grateful for you ...
April 2020
Remote Family and Business Healing and Clearing 
pranic 2.jpeg
I just wanted to let you know that since the energy clearing/healing I've been feeling so so joyful, light and peaceful! 

I am also feeling so incredibly energised and inspired working at MYHRU and we've been blessed with increaded sales already! 

So, thank you so much for your help!! Cant wait to see what other miracles are in store ...
November 2019

Remote Family and Business Healing and Clearing 
Just wanted to let you know that after your clearing the electrical circuits that we thought had been struck by lightning all started working again
March 2020
Remote Family and home Healing and Clearing 
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