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Negative energy or entities are attributed with affecting day to day life, even making you or your family sick or aggressive.  Some houses or workplaces are even said to "hold" this negative energy over a long period of time and become toxic as the energy grows and the energy is held in the walls, furniture and energy of the place.  

Clearing a home or business of lower energies and replacing it with high frequency energy  of love and healing is beneficial for those who live in the home and abundance and success for  businesses, and  can download whatever else the home or business owner would like to feel and attract in their space.  We can even download different feelings in different rooms, for example the bedroom can feel relaxing, while the art room, creative and stimulated energy.  

Entities such as ghosts, drugs, anger etc, anything that is not of pure light and love  can be  removed and released and replaced with the opposite positive.   

I have cleared many homes of entities.  Sometimes these foreign entities can affect families health, wealth and well being and there can be arguments and uneasiness in the home if not cleared.

Good idea to cleanse your space  so that it is yours and enjoy the feeling of  bliss and peace.  I highly recommend clearings for your home at least once a year, when you move into a new home, rented home, or if any renovations were made.  I can be present in the home, or I can do remote clearings too. 

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