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11:11 Powerful Master Day: Communication and Self-Expression

Today is an exceptional energy day and 11:11 Master Day is the highlight of November and so the 11:11 as the doorway that has been preparing us since 1 November is now open!

11:11 is significant as it opens the doorway to the Universe opening doors of perception, World service and your intentions are doubly charged today opens up a doorway to higher realms of self-knowing.

What is also so significant about this year’s 11:11 is that we will be experiencing a rare crossing of Mercury (that is in retrograde) will be crossing over the Sun. This will only happen again in 2032, in another 13 years. This rare occasion occurs 13 times per 100 years. It will be visible from US, Europe, South America and Africa. If you don’t get to see it, you will feel it, no matter where you are on the planet. You will find that your communication ability will open up allowing freedom of self expression of you who you are.

Mercury Retrograde is all about communication. Today you have the opportunity to express your true self

The focus on this day is communication. Speaking your truth with unlimited possibilities opening up like never before. Be daring and openly express your authentic self on this powerful day. What will it take to openly communicate and express who you are with ease and grace? Use this day to express who you are.

More wake-up calls will be made available to you - so go with the flow and notice the signs that are incoming around you.

Today, you are cosmically aligned, so focus on your key life area that you have been working on since the beginning of 2019 and see what changes for you.

Remember that you are a divine child of the Universe and that your voice and how you express yourself is what you activate. The Universe responds to you. What are you manifesting today? You are the change maker of your life. What will it take to openly communicate and express who you are with ease and grace? Focus on your heart centre, see it glow with golden light outwards. Opening like a beautiful flower open to receive everything and more you could ever imagine.

This is a high frequency week with 11:11 today, Mercury Retrograde, Mercury crossing over the Sun and Full Moon tomorrow. It is a powerful week for healing, to release and recharge. Make your booking for this week!

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