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High Vibe Week: 4:4:4 Angelic Portal, Earth Day and New Moon in Taurus 22/23 April 2020

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Wow! Such a power week in April! On the 22 April we will be celebrating Earth Day! How wonderful that the numbers for Earth Day this year comes to 4:4:4 which is a powerful number sequence opening the Angelic portals onto the planet, cleansing, clearing, transmuting the old way, limitations, way of life, thought patterns, beliefs and foundations are cleared to make space for all the new that is created at this time, particularly for the planet.

Not only are we experiencing an Angelic Portal, Earth Day, we are also experiencing New moon this mid-week, is the perfect time of the month to set a new intention. When we set that new intention, it does manifest! Just notice, what has manifested for you this last full moon? Think back to where you were, what emotional and psychological state were you in last October? Did you consciously manifest? Do you remember what you manifested? If you didn't consciously manifest, do you remember what your felt and where you were mentally and emotionally?

Do you see that what you consciously manifested then, or the state you were in has manifested this last Full Moon? Everything I asked for at October 2019 New Moon has come to fruition. Know that everything So what you create this New Moon, will manifest in the next six months. Where do you want to be in 6 months? Keep that vision in your mind, Keep that vision high!

Today New Moon energy is heightening as we are weaving and stepping into our future. We are projecting what we are vibrating, what we vibrate we create, if we are projecting fear, we are likely to attract more fearful experiences into our lives.

Be aware and conscious on how we are handling the present. Let us choose to project high level emotions to make our future much better than if it came from fear. Remember, your inner reality reflects your outer reality.

This New Moon that we will be experiencing on 22 and 23 of April is in Taurus. Taurus is an Earth sign and very connected to the Earth.

We have been through some unimaginable changes in the last couple of months, we have been in shock, in grief, as our life has been swept away, it is understandable for all of us to experience some level of fear of this unprecedented situation and where it is going.

During this New Moon period give thanks and send healing light and love to the Planet. Go to a favourite place in your home, or if you have a little garden, or if not, go to a place that brings you peace in your mind, sit, close your eyes, breathe and meditate.

Connect with that beautiful sanctuary see yourself loving the Earth.

Imagine sitting in nature and loving all that nature, the Earth offers us, love our Planet, really get a sense of connecting with her.

If you have a garden, perhaps you can go barefoot on the ground and connect with the ground.

Instantly you get to ground and receive wonderful healing ions from the planet. Increasing balance and stability in our physical and our emotional state, bringing acceptance and strength.

Taurus as a sign, also has a wonderful stillness, peace, simple rhythms of the Earth, going back to basics, dropping into stillness, by dropping into that space of peace. Get in tune with this stillness and peace. Connect with the planet allow the beautiful synergy of love and healing happen, being in this state of peace will create a different future for yourself and the planet.

Namaste beautiful beings Soul Shift Guru


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