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Cosmic Love Letters: Retrograde Season Begins for 2020

May is considered to be a power month as it is when the retrogrades begin. There is so much cosmic activity occurring in the next couple of months. There will be a feeling of expansion and contraction throughout the year, particularly until the planets go direct in September. Expect another shift in energy in September when all these planets go direct again. Another super dynamic time to be expected on the planet as they are all moving direct in a short space of time. All of this is expanding people’s awareness and expanding their consciousness even more. So many people are becoming more aware! There is a “crisis “ in beliefs, caused by the Jupiter - Pluto constricting and expanding energy of the planets.

Meteor Showers - 5 May

North Node Shift - 5 May

Full Moon - The Buddha Truth Full Moon - 7 May

Saturn retrograde on 11 May, will go direct on 29 September

Venus 13 May moving retrograde, will go direct 25 June

Jupiter 14 May also moving retrograde until 13 September

When a planet moves retrograde, the energy becomes introspective, we are meant to move inwards, not meant to be pushing forward too much on projects or life. May through to end of September, we will be drawn to turn inwards and not outwards, particularly with Saturn retrograde, you can get frustrated if you push too much, an excellent time to review, to go over, to perfect on what you are working on, projects and yourself.

The four planets going into retrograde are Pluto, Saturn, Venus and Jupiter.

Pluto has been in retrograde since 24 April, will go direct on October 4. When Pluto goes retrograde we will experience six months of self-reflection. Pluto assists changes on a deep level. These shifts can be so powerful that they can affect the structure of the world, society and us on a personal level, shifting the consciousness of the planet, delving deep beneath the surface of our lives, our selves. Hidden truths, repressed issues, subconscious fears and desires to explore. Aimed at going within, makes us reassess what we are doing to prepare for our future.

Saturn (retrograde on 11 May, will go direct on 29 September) is a planet of constriction, contraction and control. When Saturn goes into retrograde on 11 May will be for 142 days. It’s intense energy will influence all of us. Saturn rules structures, boundaries, authorities, authority and planning. This retrograde we most probably will, and are experiencing deep social and political changes, re-evaluation and adjustments to structures, rules and models that no longer serve us as individuals and in society, which is positive motivator to make changes for the better.

Venus (moving retrograde 13 May, it will go direct 25 June) energy is social, flirty, fun, and loves socialising. Venus is about light and beauty. The symbol of fertility, romance and victory. Venus goes retrograde every eight years. Venus is known as the planet of love and relationships. When Venus goes retrograde, it is possible that our relationships and love life will be influenced.

Prepare for Venus retrograde by recalling where you were emotionally in the last two Venus retrogrades (2012 and 2004) by recalling what you were experiencing in relation to love, relationships, self-love and social life. Can you identify any patterns? If you spot these patterns again, you can work on changing them at this time for the better, clearing and changing limiting patterns and beliefs relating to love and relationships.

During Venus retrograde, it is time to focus more on your self love practice. Loving yourself is what reflects out and what you receive, if you want more attention, give yourself more attention, you want people to treat you well, how are you treating yourself? Notice your self talk. Keep it positive and loving, the more you love yourself, the more abundance and love you will attract. As like attracts like. An old partner may come up from the past, or perhaps you will feel that a relationship, or types of relationships have run their course and it will be time to move towards new kinds of relationships.

Jupiter (retrograde 14 May also moving retrograde until 13 September) magnifies and expands. When Jupiter is in retrograde, it is time to review our visions, morals and convictions in life. It will make you rethink paths you are following carefully analysing them, finding balance and correct direction. You will become more thoughtful as you review your life. Doubt could arise, needing reaffirmation. Out of this, we will see things more clearly and change our ways, new financial opportunities may arise will arise out of this deep internal journey and self-realisation.

Remember that 2020 is a number 4, numerological, the 4 signifies foundations. This year is all about layout new foundations for the planet, education, governments, economic systems, down to your own foundations that will support the New Earth energy that will take us into the future.

How wonderful that there is a great spiritual awakening - shift in realities and beliefs, there are new understandings and epiphanies that are shifting so many more people in to awareness. Whatever our crisis and beliefs are that can accelerate our spiritual growth and accelerate the old order. This is a theme that will be coming up throughout 2020.

Namaste everybody


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