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Crystal Grids

I love crystals, I have them pretty much everywhere in my home, not only are they sparkly, exquisite and mesmerising that you can get lost in the , they have healing properties and are powerful to use for an intended goal. The combinations  that you are able to create are endless, and will depend only on your specific purpose for the grid. Whatever your intention, your crystal grid will be an effective use of crystalline energy when created only with your highest intentions.

Crystal grids can be more powerful than using  just a single crystal for your intention. Crystal grids are made by the intentional placement of stones or crystals  in a geometric pattern for the specific purpose of directing your energy towards a goal. You can use a grid to create anything from simple goals like better sleep to something more elaborate like world peace. The stones or crystals are then charged by your intention and energy.

We will start the session with a lovely meditation. You will get to connect within, the elementals, your intention and the crystals. We will chat about crystals, clearing them, charging them, where on the body you can wear crystals and how to use them in your daily life, in your home and business. How do you choose the crystals for your grid, the properties of different crystals and which will be most suitable for your crystal grid. And of course we will have Angel card readings throughout the day that are always fun :) There will also be prizes to be one at the workshop.

Crystals have not been included in the entrance fee, you may bring your own crystals or crystals can be supplied at the workshop for you.

I am so looking forward to seeing you at the workshop for a relaxing and magical morning.

Kindly RSVP to Angelique 0833442186

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