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Detox to raise your vibration

Is it is February, even though it is the second month of the year, many have either already started with New Years Resolutions by making changes in their diet and exercise routine, whilst there are some who are still getting into the swing of things with the intention of stepping into a healthier and happier new year.

The body, or shall I say that we are made of different layers and “bodies”, we have an emotional body, mental body, spiritual body and a physical body. The physical body is the body where one can see and experience the end result of a manifestation: thought, emotion, fear or joy.

Detox of the physical body does not only make one feel good, but cleansing also brings clarity. It is very simple, and by now, we all know the rules of detox: eat healthy, increase fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet, if organic even better. Drink more water, do physical exercise, restrict heavy foods, herbs,

The lighter we are, the more we receive.

Healthy food such as berries, melons, vegetables are high energy and assist in detox. Keep your food as much as possible to the natural state to preserve the nutrients to feed your body with goodness. Avoid eating foods and condiments that have been manufactured, rather make your own sauce using fresh ingredients.

Another aspect of a physical detox is taking care of and paying attention to your skin. Using natural oils on the body such as coconut oil, hemp or rose-hip feeds the skin with natural nutrients. I have made some natural creams and scrubs for the body that are so lovely and work even better than the products I have been buying all these years! I can feel my skin is loving the nourishment from the natural ingredients.

Dry body brushing your skin exfoliates, detoxes and helps with the illumination of toxins. Get a brush with a long handle, preferably one with natural fibres as it is not too hard on the skin. Before having a shower or bath dry brush your body and see how invigorating your body will feel. Remember to always brush from your feet up and always towards your heart.

Our bodies love to move! Move your body, it helps with releasing energy. Stretch your body, keep active, walk in nature, do weightlifting By increasing your physical activity, you release old pent up energy and get your physical body lighter to receive more. Not only will you feel great, you will also be detoxing through your sweat.

Treat yourself to having some time out in a steam room, go for a massage, even if you massage your own body and show it love, or have an epsom salt bath with some lavender drops, neroli or geranium essential oils (some of my favourite). Pay attention to your body and show your body love, by take care of it, see how it positively responds to you.

Create or make a corner, your home or a room in your home into a healing temple where you can take time out and connect to Soul. You don’t have to limit it to a room or a corner, if you can, why not make your entire home a healing temple?

Bring in fresh flowers, plants, crystals, water features, vaporiser with essential oils. Music is so powerful, play beautiful uplifting music to raise the vibration in your home. What you can also do is play music in the morning whilst getting ready for work as it will prepare you for the day in a positive way. Play something that will uplift and revitalise you.

At night avoid watching media - the news in particular, jarring movies or documentaries. Rather watch light-hearted movies, comedies or series. Maybe detox from screen time for a while and see how your life changes.

By clearing energy it allows space to connect within, I love the outdoors as nature is a great place for releasing of energy and to absorb energy from the elementals. Nature is non-judgemental and for me it is the best place to release by going for a brisk walk or even just sitting under a tree helps to release what ever no longer serves you and brings about inner calm and peace. Slow down a little each day and take time to notice your beautiful surroundings with gratitude.

Give yourself space and time to sit back and observe your environment with no judgement, try not to think, just observe them and let them go. Activate your senses when you are observing, feel your environment. Ten minutes a day for reflection and observation can ground and centre you. Notice how different you feel after ten minutes of stillness each day, this is your daily retreat. Notice how answers and revelations come to you easier and clearer.

Start putting these into practice and see how your life will change in so many amazing ways. What can you do today to make positive lifestyle changes that will contribute to you?

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