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Eclipse Season Begins

Aloha High Vibe Tribe ♡ On Friday 19 November, we will be experiencing the first Full Moon lunar eclipse of the season, which will continue until January 2022. Eclipse family/seasons cycle every 18 years, as a similar energy patterns return, it doesn't mean you will experience the same events in 2021 as in 2003, as you have evolved in the last 18 years. Based on your personal soul evolution you will be making different, elevated choices. Eclipse energy is always very intense, powerful, transformational energy. They bring us back onto our spiritual path if we have straid, unresolved themes that we have been ignoring, come up to be released. This may be demanding and intense, as we approach this high energy cosmic event, we are urged to go within: slow down, retreat, receive healing, listen to intuitive messages.

Eclipses catapult us into the next level of our journey, as realisations and intentions that have come to us will be tested. Be on the lookout for people or situations that will create an opportunity for us to prove what we have learnt about self. You will be shown what limiting habits you still carry, that are working against you, what you need to change to live authentically, cleanse and clear out! Repetitive patterns that trigger old hurts or childhood wounds, people in your life who are out of alignment with your core values.

This week global energy will intensify. People will feel a push to make decisions that will empower them - not everyone will be ready for. Some could feel overwhelmed by this, and could lash out or project their fear and pain onto others. Be on the look out for this, and take care that you don’t do it yourself. Step back if you feel this coming from others or yourself.

Eclipses are about personal growth - act with maturity, be in awareness, watch out that you don’t slide into unaware, reactive ways, then you will be able to elevate in consciousness this week- which is what soul is here to do.

This week as the planets (sun, earth and moon) align for the eclipse preparing for the Full Moon Lunar eclipse - you are going to feel it particularly on the upper chakras- the crown and third eye, might even feel it on physical eyes, as we receive downloads of psychic information. Great week for healing, meditation, connection. Receive your messages and hand your concerns to spirit. Forgiveness is key.

This week create a calm space, go within and retreat as your soul journey is unfolding to the next level. You could feel a charge in your physical body, light sleep, restless. Be out in nature, go for walks, have Epsom salt baths, receive healing, cleanse and clear yourself, home, work/business and family. Express yourself with calmness and act on your good qualities. Release. Release. Give your concerns to the Universe.

Namaste everybody! Sending love and light


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