Eclipse Season is here!

Wow! Cosmic energy is buzzing! So much happening - May was the first power month of 2020, with four planets going retrograde, hold on as June and July are also very powerful energetic months. Read more about the retrogrades here

On June 5, the moon will be full and there will also be a lunar eclipse. There will be lots of mental activity and we could find that our sleep is broken tonight and that our minds will be racing. Ground with meditation and deep breathing.

This is the first eclipse of this season, the first of three consecutive eclipses. This eclipse opens the gateway to newness, innovation and initiation which was last experienced in May 2002. Focus on high energy thoughts - it will enlighten you and your energy field. Are you resistant or open to the unknown? Release your resistance - allow and go with the flow.

It is an energy period of celebration, release, culmination and gratitude for where you are at this time. The more you have worked on implementing your changes in the last tw o weeks the easier this energy period will be on you. If you feel unsettled get out in nature to assist in your reset.

This Lunar Eclipse is in Sagittarius, themes that will come up are: freedom, truth, justice, the law and beliefs will be strong. Jupiter in retrograde is encouraging us to take a closer look at our beliefs to revisit and re-evaluate them.

This eclipse is connected to the past, and a culminations of closing doors, letting the past go! The past is gone. We are never going to have the old normal way of life again, there is no point in holding on to the past and spending our energy to try and bring that back. Our beliefs from the past also need adjusting. This eclipse is encouraging us to create a new future, new ways, beliefs and way of life and focus on creating in the new order.