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Full Moon Rituals and How You Can Create A Magical Life

Aloha beautiful people!

As you know we are all one, with each other, every living creature. plants, the planet, the moon, stars, and galaxies.

You are constantly connected to planetary events and changes, if you realise it or not, you are going through processes and constant change. So why not use these energies to your advantage?

I have understood these phenomena for many years, but only recently have I started to really use the energy of the full moon, new moon. Eclipse’s and retrogrades to enhance my life, and boy does it work!

Firstly everything works in cycles. What goes around comes around - in everything! Just like the New Moon comes around, with intention you can ask for what you want to attract in your life, while Full Moon energy is about what is being released, so that new things, people, situations and opportunities can come into your life. Create space so that magic can happen!

Remember that the physical changes is the last level of manifestation that was created by thought and feeling and shows what is actually going on in your mental, emotional and energy body. As everything is a reflection of you. In everything and everyone! So as you move away from old habits, people, work, situations, attitude even habits, that you have outgrown, as you move into a new direction, you will meet new people who are in the same energy vibration as yourself - doing what will be more suitable for you at this time.

The only thing in life that is constant is change. You too are constantly changing - if you are aware of this or not. Sit back and reflect on yourself and your life. Have you allowed anything to change for you? Or are you still holding on to things and people who are not really benefiting you in some way and understanding? It is okay to change, you are safe. If you choose not to ignore that inner voice and go with your feeling that is prompting you to make a shift, either you will become ill, have sore joints, muscles, feelings of anger and frustration. We often do experience release before Full Moon by having vivid dreams, tummy bugs, sore throat, cold and flu symptoms, sometimes even bigger events can occur in life to create space for new beginnings, like the ending of a job, relationships, friends, places and situations that used to feel right either don’t bring a feeling of comfort or joy any longer, or you are forced to leave or make changes to move out of a current situation that no longer serves you - one could be made redundant at work, or a relationship/s could suddenly end.

Even though these situations might feel terrible for you at the time, they are actually working for you in your best interest. It is up to you to create something new for yourself. To connect with self and ask, what else is possible for me? What am I moving towards that will suit me better now? What can I do to change my situation? Listen for the answer. It always comes - you just have to be open to receive it. It can come in unexpected ways. Just be open to receive the signs and the nudges moving you in a new direction.

Full Moon is a high energy period where you can create significant changes in your life by setting intentions. I have always been aware of the energy of cosmic events, where I would write down lists and put out my intentions to the Universe. I have started to realise that the Universe is not separate of us, we are the Universe and so creation comes from self. By doing New Moon and Full Moon rituals, things have certainly shifted for me on so many levels that are actually quite astounding. Putting energy in and making choices as to what you want - is the beginning of creating your ideal life, situation, partner, friends, job. It all comes from you! I used to be one of those people who would say, “The Universe knows what I want.” And nothing used to change for me. Once I started putting intention in what I wanted using cosmic energy to my advantage - that is when things really started to change for me is so many ways. Remember you are the Universe. You direct what you want your reality to be and to create it as you want. Everything is a reflection of you. If you have been working on the same thing and it hasn’t worked out for, you need to ask maybe there is something better for you or are you matching the vibration of what you want to attract?

Since the beginning of the year, whenever it was Full Moon I did this Full Moon ritual releasing the old and put out new intentions and wishes to attract new possibilities and opportunities, and they certainly do work! Once old habits, people, beliefs and attitudes were cleared new things came into my life. Better for me on so many levels. And you can do the same for yourself.

I have created a Full Moon guide with 13 easy steps with rituals and explanations for you to try out and see how powerful they are and how you can create a wonderful life filled with whatever you desire and so deserve in this abundant Universe we live in. If you would like to create a wonderful life of ease and grace try it out. You have nothing to lose - except the life you want!

Full Moon Course is only R299.

Contact me if you would like to enquire about them and to purchase. I will gladly share them with you.

Wishing you a magical day! Sending love and blessings!


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