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Full "Snow" Moon February 8/9 2020

In 2020 we will be experiencing thirteen Full Moons, two Super Moons, and a blue moon.

This weekend we will be experiencing Full Moon in Leo 8 and 9 Feb, also known as "Snow Moon” this weekend.

Why is it called Snow Moon, because In ancient times, it was common to track changing seasons by the lunar month instead of the solar year, which is what our current calendar is based on. Native American tribes and people across Europe used to name months based on attributes they associated with seasons in the Northern Hemisphere. So the full moon in February is called the Snow Moon because of heavy snowfall that typically occurs throughout the month. It was also called the Hunger Moon because the winter weather created difficult hunting conditions and scarce food sources.

Full moon energy is powerful and the culmination of energy is felt by all. Full moon’s is also one of energetic completion or end of a cycle. Or can be peak of fruits of your labour, or it can illuminate truths that you are unaware of that lights up your path and assists you in moving forward.

This Full Moon is in Leo and it is beautiful, warm, expressive, radiant energy. It is about letting your unique light shine.

And how can you help others shine their light? How can you nurture in others for their light to shine?

This Full Moon is very connected to heart energy, Leo rules the heart, and the Sun that rules Leo, also rules the heart. Drop into your heart space more, it changes and relaxes your entire system. This is a very good habit to get into. Living through the heart can be your anchor. Living with: love, compassion, connection to nature and oneness. That is what it means to be aligned and energetically positively contributing to your day and every living being. The heart is where everything is.

Courage is also a theme for this Full Moon and throughout February. How can you best use your courage? Can you take risks? Be brave? This can be on a physical or internal journey. It is about being brave in taking the next growth step in your journey, your wisdom.

A highly creative time, intellectual, growth, integration of wisdom, internal processes, rewards, recognition.

Full Moon and New Moon are powerful times for healing and reflection.

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