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Magnify your Manifestations This New Moon

This week we will be experiencing 6 planets in Aquarius, known as the, “Aquarian Stellium”: The Moon, The Sun, Venus, Mercury (in retrograde), Jupiter, and Saturn. Last time this happened was in 1962. 59 years ago, when the hippy movement started, and great activism for peace and communal communities. Presently Aquarian energy asks for collaboration, unity and peace.

There will be a conjunction between Jupiter and Venus on 11 February - if you are an air sign, you could feel success and happiness around the 11th.

Whatever intention\s you are planting in this New Moon, will manifest - as it is influenced by Jupiter. The planet of expansion and growth - whatever you manifest at this time, will grow! New seed. New vision. New idea. It will grow and expand throughout the year. So use this intense energy period to manifest!

Important New Moon - set your intentions of what you want to manifest in your life. Out of the box thinking, new information coming in to us, so we can make different choices.

Manifesting ability is much greater due to the new energy coming in. Magnifying our manifestations. Focus on the positives and goodness of your life and be grateful for it. See how easy it is to create the life you want. Focus on the light!

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