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New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

Aloha High Vibe Tribe! Today, 25 October, we are experiencing the New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.  It is the second Partial Solar Eclipse of 2022.  The first one we experienced was in April/May of this year. 

Eclipse energy is super powerful, we are given a cosmic nudge to rebalance our lives and assisted to make deep and permanent changes that we have been wanting to implement since the last Eclipse. The doors to opportunities of change, bringing in new life flow that we have been wanting are opening today. Anything that is out of alignment will now be addressed and be put back into balance.

Be in awareness of your actions, thoughts and words in the next two weeks until the Eclipse door closes on 9 November. This two week period is excellent for healing and manifestations. The same family of Eclipses occured in 2004 - think back to the person you were then: How have you changed? How differently are you responding to life's challenges? You may have similar lessons and opportunities to work with at a higher level of consciousness. Set your sights on a brighter future and be open to receive your rewards. Make wishes! 

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