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New Moon in Aries

Aloha High Vibe Tribe

How was this last week for you?

It has been quite an intense energy week. Aries Stellium and the energy of the New Moon we are experiencing this week is high. Have you been feeling alert, have you been having sleepless nights, or difficulty sleeping? Have you been experiencing headaches or light headedness?

Have you been feeling a push to be more authentic in your relationships? Do you have an urge to change your career path to something more meaningful?

The New Moon in Aries, the Aries Stellium, and 11 Master Day today, is pushing us to let go of self-imposed restrictions and to step into the new, with joy and gratitude . Learn from a place of joy, celebrate the awareness and guidance you are receiving.

Remember New Moon is about planting seeds for new beginnings! Remember to plant your seeds today and the next couple of days, when you do so, speak in the present tense, be in a state of gratitude, as though you already have it!

Today, open your heart to allow your true essence to to flow and absorb the high-vibration cosmic rays entering the atmosphere. You will be uplifted in the process.

As we continue to experience the New Moon energy on Monday, we will feel the energy rise. If you haven’t already been experiencing sleepless nights, you may struggle to sleep. We will be receiving new insights into old dilemmas and may also receive answers and building blocks to our path.

Release the old. If you have been denying your truth, situations may come to a head. If you have already been walking your talk and accepting of the next level of your spiritual advancement, then look for doors to open.

Listen to the guidance of your soul. Move through your days this week with awareness of who you are and why you are here. Keep your focus on your heart with genuine intentions.

On Tuesday the Aries Stellium will come to an end. The energy could be demanding. Centre yourself, meditate as the day begins, by grounding yourself - go for a walk, meditate, swim or stretch. You will know what to do.

We may experience, or continue to experience, very active mental energy this week. Take it easy on yourself as you integrate and assimilate. After a great shift in consciousness, we need a day or two to slow down and absorb the upgrades to one’s frequency. Observe yourself, your progress, your efforts and the gifts you received. Be in gratitude 🙏

Namaste 🙌

Love and Light to all

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