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New Super Moon Total Solar Eclipse

​​Aloha High Vibe Tribe!

Today, 4 December we are experiencing the final New Super Moon Total Solar Eclipse of 2021, which is preparing us for 2022, and it is closing the two week Eclipse doorway of opportunity (opened November 19 Micro Full Moon Lunar Eclipse) which has brought a lot of life enhancing enlightenment to you. This energy is heightened for a further two weeks, after the Eclipse, which will deepen your spiritual growth, so make conscious choices about your life path and purpose in this time. Focus on your truth and path ahead.

It has been two weeks since the first eclipse opened the doorway of opportunities, urging you to focus on your path and purpose. We have been releasing on many layers and levels which is what this Eclipse is preparing us for. Cleansing, clearing, tying up loose ends, acting in your own best interest of the past and old toxic energy patterns that have been holding you back from creating your highest potential. Clearing 2021 energy we are experiencing an energy re-set and having the strength to rise above it all.

It is a Super New Moon, as the moon is the closest to the Earth all month, and New moon is time to go within, be still, quiet and reflective. At this time, it is important to go within - to get in touch with self, your own truth, and own who you are. Sit with yourself - it will guide you to you. Good day to meditate. Shadows of self will come up, but instead of pushing it away - observe yourself. Do your inner personal work. Write down your emotions and thoughts. Pause. Reflect. Be still. Which aspects of you do you want to transform, where do you want to evolve, and improve on self? How and where do you want to elevate yourself?

What are you focusing on that will enable you to live a higher vibration lifestyle and your purpose and truth? Make choices that will elevate your path, that you feel aligned with. This is not the time to be making rash decisions. Make conscious choices. Go within and observe. Allow the soul and heart to lead.

Great changes are happening around you. Your manifestations and what you desire are coming to fruition. In the eclipse doorway, all your manifestations are heightened. The people around you are changing, because you are changing. Prepare yourself for more change - shift your perception and rise above it all.

Sit back, observe, do the internal work and let this Eclipse do its work. Hand it over to the Universe. Trust. All is well.

Sending love and light. From my heart to your heart. Namaste

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