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Signs From Departed Loved Ones

Not so long ago I had to let go of my boy cat Jack, he was old, tired and unfortunately the vet advised that it was better for him to be euthanised as his kidney disease progressed, the end was near, and it is better to free him of pain and suffering.

Needless to say, even though I knew it was time, it was still heartbreaking.

That Friday night, 23 August, Jack went over the rainbow to meet with his friends, be free without pain. I was very emotional that my shadow, love , company and support of about 20 years had left the Earthly plane and moved on. With a heavy heart and blurry vision I got home had a shower before leaving to visit my brother and my sister-in-law for dinner, which is not too far from me.

Driving along in an emotional haze I got to an intersection where I normally turn right, as I approached the traffic light, something said, “Turn left here”, I listened to my intuition and I turned left . What seemed like a blur I came to a traffic circle where I had to turn right to get to my brother’s house. I can’t explain what happened, it felt as though my body and car was taken over and out of my control! I proceeded to drive over the circle that I didn’t see, but always knew it was there, I was in total shock and concerned that my car got damaged, in a split second, something made me quickly turn right and then another immediate right - not knowing what had happened. As my car turned right again, my lights shone on the name of the road . To my absolute amazement, the road that I was ‘forced’ to take was called Jack Road! Jack Road is one road down from my brother’s which I never knew existed! With so much gratitude I realised that I was completely directed by Jack and Spirit! I was taken that way to show me that Jack is safe in kitty heaven and that he is with me in Spirit. He is everywhere.

Throughout the weekend I got so many beautiful and amazing signs from Jack. Jack ’s little ginger face used to be the first thing I would see in the morning - the morning after, I thought with a sad heart, now what? As I thought that, I turned my head on my pillow and I saw the morning sun glowing so bright and golden. I instantly knew it was Jack showing me once again that he is still there for me every morning. I will be greeted by him every morning for the rest of my living days. He came to me in a breeze, a feather and the most magnificent sunset. Knowing that all these signs are Jack showing me that he is in everything and with me in every way. All I need to do is pay attention to my surroundings and the signs. Funny that the last realisation and epiphany I got from Jack the night before he passed is to pay attention!

Know that all those who have departed are still with us in Spirit. The only difference is that they are in a different form. Their soul is still around us. They are free of pain, a physical body and Earthly matters. They are free and happy! You can send them love and connect with them at any time - all you have to do is talk to them and pay attention to the signs around you, could be a feather, sunrise or sunset, a breeze, a song, it can be anything. You will get the feeling and know it is them.

If you would like to connect with a departed loved one for answers, or just to connect you can come to connect with them, get messages and I do suggest a healing to help relieve you of your loss. You will get messages from them, and you can ask questions to unanswered questions. They will show you how they communicate with you, and how you will know it is them. If you wish I can also show you how you can connect with them, communicate with them and the signs and symbols they will or have been sending you so that you know it is them. The departed, show loved ones that they are still around, surrounding them with love and support in Spirit in so many wonderful ways. All you have to do is pay attention to the signs.

Love and Blessings



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