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Theta Healing

Theta Healing is very powerful as the healing is done from the Seventh Plain of Existence, which means that is done from the Highest Source, which is God.
 Limiting beliefs and emotions can be changed in the client by removing and releasing the limiting belief,  feeling or ailment from the client's belief levels and replaced with the positive opposite.  

For example, the feeling of anger and resentment can be pulled,  released and removed and replaced with love and forgiveness in the client's emotional body, all belief levels even on a cellular level.  Theta healing is instant!  You can even download feelings you never experienced such as unconditional love, forgiveness or happiness.  All the feelings and beliefs are of unconditional love of Source, and not what we have been conditioned to believe what  the meaning or feeling to be,  but in it's purest form. 

Theta Intuitive Anatomy is  healing the organs of the body of ailments and dis-ease.  Each organ in the body holds beliefs and emotions that are energetically tied into each organ and system of the body and its relations to dis-ease.  Huge and amazing shifts take place with this powerful modality.

 Receiving  Theta you will be much more empowered on all levels. 

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