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Antanea Infinity Keys

Antanea Infinity Keys are 56 symbols that open the communication directly with your soul.

These ‘keys’ or ‘codes’ are an awakened Language of Light – they are light filled sacred geometric shapes, which are a way of receiving information and energy to accelerate the Ascension Process.

You can have a three or nine card reading from which we extract what the challenge is that has been locked in the body. In the healing thereafter, we tap it out of the joints, from the past and the future, so that it won't influence your future potential.

When drawing them on the body they act as keys, helping to unlock the door to unlimited possibilities. They act like signposts on your journey through life. Offering you alternative pathways that can be chosen, and each one becomes a healing tool.

The gift they offer is to remind you of your absolute truth and ultimate potential. They also guide you in mastering the experiences that have inhibited your growth, releasing the old limitations, so that nothing holds you back. They bring about profound and supportive change.

Image by Jeremy Thomas

Cosmic Love Letters

Image by Sime Basioli

"Thank you so much Angie!  I woke up this morning feeling so much lighter than I have for a long while."

Remote Healing


Image by Kayla Maurais

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