Due to popular demand we will be starting Monthly Meditations again.  Dates will vary every month as meditations will be set around  a powerful day/period in the month. 


This is a powerful spiritual meditation using the powerful energy of February's New Moon, with the intention of charging your desires to manifest with ease and grace. 

Come and join this months meditation and charge your intentions with New Moon energy to enhance new beginnings and bless new projects and ideas. 

Monthly Meditation
February 24th
New Moon
Kindly RSVP 

February is about partnerships and in this month of love, I am offering healing specials for all!


Relationship Refresher, is for couples who would like to clear their relationship and charge it with love. 


Love Magnet, is for single people to attract love . Let's open those channels and receive love.


Freedom to Soar, is for those who need to release old partners and barriers so that you soar and attract a new relationship ♡ 


2:2 Power Day *

4:4 Mid-Season. Half way to Solstice and Winter

9/10:2 Full "Snow Moon" *

14/15 :2 Strong Energy days before Mercury goes direct (Mercury Retrograde)

16/17:2 Mercury Retrograde begins.  Energy shifts.  Forward movements.  Good days for healing to advance*

24/25:2 New Moon.  Creating new .beginnings.  Powerful for Manifesting*

28:2 Half way point of Mercury Retrograde.

29:2 Leap Year.  Alignment of Earth. 11:11 Powerful  day*

Important Cosmic Dates for February
* Suggested dates for healing

In 2020 we will be experiencing thirteen Full Moons,  two Super Moons, and a blue moon.


This weekend we will be experiencing Full Moon in Leo 8 and 9 Feb, also known as  "Snow Moon” this weekend.


Why is it called Snow Moon, because In ancient times, it was common to track changing seasons by the lunar month instead of the solar year, which is what our current calendar is based on.

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Full Snow Moon
9 February

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