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Monthly Meditation
March 9th
Super Full Moon
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Come and join  us for this months Super Full Moon,  it is the first of two - the next one is in April, and Mercury moves direct. 

This Super Full Moon will amplify and supercharge all thoughts and intentions. 

Communication moves ahead as Mercury moves direct. 

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Lovely testimonial

I just love the work that I do!  Without fail the healing always works!  

Receiving such lovely testimonials is evidence that magic truly does exist and healing is such so incredibly powerful in changing people's lives. 

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Important Cosmic Dates for March
* Suggested dates for healing

3:3 Power Day 
7/8 Manifest your ongoing legacy this week

9/10 Super Full Moon
11 Post-shadow of Mercury Retrograde

13:3 First Friday 13th of 2020

18:3 Opportunity to evolve

19/20 Global Equinox.  Seasons Shift
24:3 Micro New Moon
29: 3 Mercury Retrograde completes.  Creating a divinely inspired opportunity


First Super Full Moon for 2020

As we know 2020 is a going to be a powerful and transformative year.  We are seeing this on so many levels already, in our own lives, those around us and world events. 


Big shifts occurring this year, we will be experiencing six eclipses instead of the normal four,  we have a very powerful one in the middle of the year.  We are going to have six full moons  - also unusual to have that many.  

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