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Psychic Readings

Angelique is a natural psychic.  She is an Accredited Psychic, with distinction, through the International School of Healing and Intuition.


Angelique uses her natural psychic gift by integrating psychic readings in healing sessions, remote healings and clearings.  During sessions, Angelique receives guidance for the client as to what they need to know at that time.  


One can also request 1 hour psychic readings for guidance.  These can be done in person or on-line. 

​" Angelique covered a broad set of aspects of my life. She was thorough in her explanations and interpretations of the insights and messages she received during the reading. There were particular noteworthy moments that were very touching regarding my deceased family as well as valid guidance on how I can better manage current and future challenges.  There were also some key affirmations that aligned with what I myself have been feeling. I felt appreciative and hopeful after the reading." 
Brin Harrison.

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