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March and 1st Full Super Moon for 2020

As we know 2020 is a going to be a powerful and transformative year. We are seeing this on so many levels already, in our own lives, those around us and world events.

Big shifts occurring this year, we will be experiencing six eclipses instead of the normal four, we have a very powerful one in the middle of the year. We are going to have six full moons - also unusual to have that many.

March is power packed, dynamic, action oriented. We will be feeling it throughout March, particularly in the second part of March. Whatever was happening for you in January, will be re-energised, re-activated and made bigger in March.

Full Super Moon will be on 9 March, this is the first of a series of three Super Full Moons in 2020. This means that the moon is much closer to the Earth than usual. Full moon is the peak of the moon cycle, it is a time of closure or completion, culmination of fruits of your labour, or a time where feelings and emotions run very high, as the moon triggers emotional states at it’s peak, we may experience this even more intensely as the moon is so close to the Earth. Has a strong effect on tides and tectonic plates as well. There may be Earth changes happening at this time. There may be concerns of the Corona virus peaking in numbers.

It is a very dynamic and Earth based Full Moon - an excellent time for manifestation! What do you want to create and achieve at this time. Methodical and organised energy. Declutter! Declutter your energy and thinking.

We are leaping in super fast, out of the box thinking and processing in how we are think and process. Observe your self talk and thinking patterns. Stick post it notes around your house/office to remind you of positive and uplifting affirmations to uplift your frequency. Start to become conscious of your thinking. Once you are aware and conscious of your thinking, you can ask yourself, “How can I change my thinking to be positive and productive?”

Have a very practical focus this Full Super Moon. Making something practical, something we want to achieve that is easy for us to manifest. This energy is a great help to assist us in what we practically want to manifest in our lives.

The focus is on the inner work that needs to be done to create the reality you want to see and experience, from our centre, instead of allowing outer events to influence your reaction. Up your game and understand the reference is inner and not outer. Keep sense of peace on the inside, so that no matter what is happening on the inside, you are maintaining inner peace. Cultivate this inner sense of centre, strength, power - in a state peace and calm. Create an infinite state of peace, that is all loving, that also promotes healing. Work on your inner self, not just in March, throughout 2020.

Remember to be anchored in your heart and not always in your head. There will be very big jumps in 2020 going into 2021, very exciting! New discoveries in medicine, genetics, sciences and technology will most probably occur. We will understand the power of our minds and brain in a much bigger way as we move through 2020 and beyond.

Namaste beautiful people. Love and blessings to all.

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