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New Dark Moon

New Dark Moon 12 /13 Jan 2021

We are celebrating the first New Moon of 2021! The old is done. It is easier to just let the old go, and to flow with the new energy flow - as we do so - more opportunities and possibilities will flow to us. This New Moon is providing us with a new clean slate to start the new year and era. It is known as the New Dark Moon and it is in Capricorn, which reflects mastery.

Take time out to reflect on what you have mastered in the last year, six months, how have you changed? How much have you learnt and what have you learned?

When you set the intention to create your new moon wish list today, take time out and reflect on your inner needs and what soul based intentions you are going to implement this year, and what are you going to master?

In your sacred space, take deep breaths, put your hand on your heart and connect. So, ask your heart, "Who am I choosing to be this year? Who do I want to be? Who am I going to shift into this year and go forward into the new era?" What is your soul based vision for your future and the future of the planet? Shift your frequency to that and remember to take action and do the work so that you can create it into your reality.

Keep your focus on positive outcomes and possibilities. Thoughts are manifesting at a much faster pace, and what you focus on grows. Keep your vibe high and happy manifesting!

Love and light to all


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