Your Cosmic Love Letter: FULL SUPER MOON 7 MAY 2020 IN SCORPIO

The Full Super Moon on the 7 May is one of the big events for early May, this will be the third Super Full Moon of 2020 in a row, there is a great build up to this Super Full Moon. Super Full Moon, means that the moon is closer to the Earth than usual. Full moon’s in general bring emotions for release to the surface, all the more so when it is in a water sign, as water sign is all about emotions, and particularly when the Super Full Moon is in Scorpio, the sign of emotion and intensity as it will be on 7 May. This Full Moon is also known as the, Buddha Truth Moon, celebrating Buddha's birthday. Go within, inner reflection and connecting with your inner peace. With this Full Moon in Scorpio, be prepared, there could be an unearthing of deep secrets, hidden truths, mysteries, from outside and, or within. Issues of trust and betrayal and revelation of secrets, perhaps around power, leadership, wealth, illicit wealth, trust issues, what is true, what is not, these could come up bringing up intense feelings, or hidden aspects of yourself and emotions that have come up to the surface to be healed and resolved.

Scorpio also has a very sensitive side coming through at this time is the feeling of everyone connecting to Oneness, to Source, compassion and unconditional love coming through strongly with this Full Super Truth Moon. However the other side of Scorpio is that of courage, determination, conquers through fears, goes beyond the challenge to grow. Scorpios have incredible focus and determination to achieve goals. Notice how determined and focus you start to feel around this time.

It is time for inner reflection. Go within, culminate, reflect, release and assimilate. Make space to create! Again, deep emotions can come up for release during this Full moon week. Remember to be grateful for the lesson in everything and just look at how much you have already grown in 2020!

Remember we are constantly co-creating with our thoughts, our emotions that are being broadcasting out there all the time. Take care of your thoughts and emotions. Meditate! It will assist you with your thoughts and feelings and lift the collective con